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Small Town Storage, Convenient To The Beach

convenient storageMany American households are seeking clutter-relief, and storage is becoming more popular than ever. Regardless of why you need storage, U Store It will keep your belongings safe and in top quality condition.

Winnabow, NC is a small town with the convenience of all that North Carolina has to offer. People come through the area for various reasons including vacation, relocation, retirement, and education. U Store It is located at:

U Store It Winnabow
6000 Ocean Hwy E
Winnabow, NC 28479

The Perfect Place For Boat Storage

Our convenient location is not far from the world famous North Carolina beaches. In fact, many people use our storage to store their boats during the off-season or while they are not in use. There are also events all year long that attract boaters from all over the region. Storing your boat will also help to protect it from the elements, so it holds its value longer.

Tips For Boat Storage

What you do before you store your boat is essential. Not caring for your boat correctly you can cause damage that may not be covered by insurance. We want you to enjoy your boating time as much as possible. Here are some tips from our experts:

1. Clean Your Boat – Give your boat’s decks and hull a really good scrub. Try to remove as much of the slime, grime, barnacles and other nasty gunk as possible that have built up over the season.

2. Dry Your Boat – Make Sure it is completely dry. Also, purchase mildew control bags and place them inside the cabin as well as any compartments to combat mildew.

3. Change The Oil – Oil changes are especially crucial for watercraft. There is a good chance some water or acid got into your oil over the summer. If it’s not removed, it could destroy your engine.

4. Change The Antifreeze – Don’t forget to dilute it to the proper specifications of your vessel.

5. Apply Fogging Oil – Spray fogging oil into the spark plug holes or onto the carburetor depending on the instructions in your owner’s manual. This will preserve the moving parts of your engine during the cold winter.

6. Protect the Drive Belts – You should either significantly loosening the drive belts or removing them entirely and placing them into storage until next spring.

7. Wax and Cover

U Store It Winnabow
6080 Ocean Hwy E
Winnabow, NC 28479

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